Ultrafast Lasers and their Applications in Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Speakers: Aram Zeytunyan and Patrick Kolsch
Newport / Spectra-Physics / MKS Instruments

Time: Wednesday, March 21, 4:30pm
Location: 540AB Cory Hall


Lasers are used in a variety of research applications ranging from bioimaging to materials processing. In this seminar, new product developments in the area of ultrafast lasers and their applications in multiphoton imaging and molecular spectroscopy will be discussed. Additionally, we will introduce tunable cw and pulsed laser sources with narrow linewidths down to several tens of kHz and their integration in atomic and molecular spectroscopy experiments.

Finally, a module for multiphoton high-resolution hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy will be discussed: we developed a module for dual-output, dual-wavelength lasers that facilitates multiphoton imaging and spectroscopy experiments and enables hyperspectral imaging with spectral resolution up to 5 cm–1. To demonstrate the performance of the module, we report the results of spectral focusing CARS and SRS microscopy experiments for various test samples and Raman shifts. The developed module can be used for a variety of multimodal imaging and spectroscopy applications, such as single- and multi-color two-photon fluorescence, second harmonic generation, third harmonic generation, pump-probe, transient absorption, and others.

Refreshments will be provided. The event will be followed by a meet and greet at Triple Rock Brewing.

Speaker bio:
Dr. Aram Zeytunan is a Senior Scientist at the Technology & Applications Center (TAC) for Newport Products in Irvine, CA. Dr. Patrick Kolsch is the Territory Sales Manager for Spectra-Physics in Santa Clara, CA.