Course Notes

EE236A Quantum and Optical Electronics

EE236A_notes_v1.pdf Comprehensive review of course materials covering everything from the first lecture through calculating the spontaneous emission rate
EE236A_notes_v2.pdf Comprehensive review of course materials covering everything from the first lecture through plasmonics

Optoelectronics Prelim Study Materials

For the most recent syllabus of materials covered by the optoelectronics preliminary exam, see the official optoelectronics syllabus. Furthermore, the department provides access to previous prelim questions to help students prepare. These questions can be found here (may require login).

Opto_Prelim_Overview.pdf Brief overview of many topics relevant to the optoelectronics prelim. Topics consistent with EE232 syllabus.
Opto_Review_Comp.pdf Comprehensive aggregation of prelim topics, including: full EE232 syllabus, selected topics from EE230A and EE218A.
Optics_Review.pdf Brief Review of classical optics (material taught in EE218A).
Rate_Equations.pdf Review of rate equations for different threshold conditions.
Abs_Gain_Spectrum.pdf Detailed derivation of absorption and gain spectrums for bulk and 2D quantum well structures.
SC_Devices.pdf Brief overview of important concepts/equations in semiconductor devices and Schrodinger's equation for particle in a box.
Density_of_States.pdf Derivation of the density of states in 1D, 2D, and 3D.
Interband_Transitions.pdf Derivation of interband and intersubband transition selection rules.
Matrix_Element.pdf Derivation of the matrix element for Fermi's Golden Rule.
Transparency.pdf Review of the Bernard-Duraffourg condition, transparency concentration, and transparency current.
Einstein_AB.pdf Review of the Einstein A B coefficients for stimulated and spontaneous emission.
Avalanche_PD.pdf Review of avalanche photodiodes.
Kramers_Kronig.pdf Derivation of the Kramers-Kronig relations.
Equations.pdf List of important equations for the prelim exam.